Friday, August 5, 2016

Have Your Make-Up Handpicked!

It's no secret that I love make-up and it is also not a new thing to say that I am fond of purchasing other stuff online but this is the first time that I had to buy my make-up online - only because it is not available here in the Philippines. With all the make-up craze especially with the mania that has been happening brought by Kylie Jenner's growing make-up business, fake versions are everywhere! Fake versions are even tougher to identify from the authentic ones! It's also sooo difficult to find a legit seller who won't overprice and I honestly have some trust issues when it comes to item deliveries because of those scares posted online and again, the fake ones.

I have some stuff in mind that I would want to purchase but then again, I just have to find the perfect seller. Maybe the perfect seller for me would be:

  • Someone who cares for her customer (I wonder if there's a guy who re-sells...)
  • Someone who sells authentic products (this is important!)
  • Someone who doesn't overprice (because, why would they do that?! A reasonable and a fair mark-up is justifiable)
  • Someone who is trusted (because this is the whole point of buying online)
So I did some searching through Instagram and following those make-up re-sellers promoted by artists and other people - assuming they already had few transactions with them already. The search went on for like weeks because it is really difficult to find who I am looking for until one fateful day, a friend posted some make-up photos and said that she is accepting orders! Ann, a good friend I met back in college, is selling make-ups! So, why would I buy from her? Well because she is actually the one buying the make-up straight from the US. She was there in the states last month to buy some orders and probably few buffers but for now she is accepting pre-orders and gives cut-offs for her business partner (who travels abroad) to have enough time to handpick and buy. You can actually order almost any make-up brand! They are not limiting your desires with the brands! As long as it could be found in the states, there's a huge chance of you getting it. This is one of their advantages compared to other sellers - they really handpick your cosmetics! It is just a startup business and she also loves doing other people's make-up - and from her own words, make-up business is very broad and full of opportunities.

I already ordered from her twice and let me share my experience with Ann. Ann, unlike other sellers, she cares. She would even recommend better brands or shades all from her own experience. She also replies on time and would give you enough time to think about your purchase and of course, remind you as well of the cut-offs and final orders. She also sells authentic products because she was also once a victim of fake make-up. She also doesn't overprice, her prices are reasonable. Last but not the least, I trust her.

So here's what I already purchased from this gorg!

Dose of Colors in Bare With Me.
This is actually my first and definitely not the last shade of this wonder!

Colourpop Eyebrow Liner in Blonde. I bought this as a birthday gift to my cousin.

Of course, the most coveted Maybelline Great Lash Mascara! Yep, a drugstore makeup but still the best - sadly it's unavailable here in the Philippines. SO there.

So, this is me wearing the mascara and the Dose of Colors in Bare with Me. I love how it goes with my everyday look.

My office friends and I bought Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip as well!
PS: I only own one in that photo. Lol.

Here are the colors we got: LAX, Beeper, MIDI, Rooch, Trap and Tulle

Here is my Colourpop in Beeper!

This is me wearing the Colourpop Beeper.
This is the closest shade that I can get to the Kylie Lip Kit Dolce K. Same shade but at a very low cost!
I couldn't imagine myself buying a 2,000++ PhP for a lip cream! No, no.

Love to give her a shot? :) Here is her Instagram account: @handpicked.cosmetics and order away!
PS. She is also having some contests on her IG account for some sweet freebies!